Urgent Prayer Request!

Hello All,

I apologize for not writing in such a long time!  It has been extremely busy with very long days the last couple of weeks.

iraqi boy with leg burnsI am writing for urgent prayer for a thirteen year old boy, named Steven, who I just dropped off at the Emergency Field Hospital (EFH) here in Northern Iraq.  His father has been doing some work for me at the Site Office we are setting up in the City of Qaraqosh just a few kilometers from the EFH.  I was dropping him off at his home after he welded some things up for me, as he got out of the vehicle he asked if I had some ointment for his son who had some burns. I said I had some aloe vera gel and a tube of antibiotic ointment that might work… as the boy turned around to show me his burns I immediately knew ointment was NOT what he needed!

I called the head of security at the hospital to ask permission to bring him in and it was granted.  We had a little trouble at the last checkpoint, but after a few minutes of discussion, were permitted to go through.

As you can see, there is a lot of damage that was done by a little bottle of fuel that caught on fire in the welding shop and as the boy tried to move it outside, away from other flammables, it spilled onto his leg. It has been a couple of weeks since the incident. The boy is extremely reluctant to visit a doctor, which is very understandable since he is in a lot of pain as it is. So please pray not only for wisdom for the doctors and healing for the wounds but also for comfort for this young boy as he will probably have to go through more pain before there is any healing.

Thank you so much for your prayers!!

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