Hosting Ravi Zacharias

Hello again from the Plains of Nineveh, Northern Iraq!  Thank you so much for praying for Steven! I heard he was released from the Emergency Field Hospital after the doctors were able to clean the wounds of dead flesh to allow new growth to take place.  I hope to get to his home this week to see how he is doing.

It has been another busy week here with many visits…

  • Sunday hosted Former US Congressman Frank Wolf
  • Wednesday had a visit from a representative of the Iraqi Ministry of Labour
  • Friday afternoon I was privileged to be able to host Ravi Zacharias and his Team from RZIM

I was unable to get any pictures but, thankfully, Ravi’s team took some and already posted a blog about their visit! (click on link below)  The first picture is all of us sitting in a burnt out church in the middle of Qaraqosh, that was vandalized by ISIS, as I share the story of our Ministry here to the Persecuted Christians in the Nineveh Plains.

I have been asked to extend my stay here and, after talking it over with Deanna and the kids, have signed a contract extension to the end of November. Please continue to pray for them as I am physically absent, I sure miss giving hugs to my girls! …and boys! 

Thank you again for your prayers!

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