Hosting Ravi Zacharias

*** I obviously haven’t been keeping up with my blog for a while now but I knew that I should probably put some sort of disclaimer on here and re-word being “privileged to host”  Ravi (which it seemed to be at the time).  I will say that I find it hard to take the post down because it would feel like trying to hide something or wipe the history clean. I did however, take down a post linking to a video by Ravi that I recommended everyone watch.

My heart goes out to all the victims that have been scarred for life by Ravi’s abusive and predatory actions. As one person has stated, “it is not only the actions of a wolf in sheep’s clothing but a wolf in shepherd’s clothing” which somehow makes it even worse for the victims and those of us that respected him. ***

Hello again from the Plains of Nineveh, Northern Iraq!  Thank you so much for praying for Steven! I heard he was released from the Emergency Field Hospital after the doctors were able to clean the wounds of dead flesh to allow new growth to take place.  I hope to get to his home this week to see how he is doing.

It has been another busy week here with many visits…

  • Sunday hosted Former US Congressman Frank Wolf
  • Wednesday had a visit from a representative of the Iraqi Ministry of Labour
  • Friday afternoon I was privileged to be able to host Ravi Zacharias and his Team from RZIM

I was unable to get any pictures but, thankfully, Ravi’s team took some and already posted a blog about their visit! (click on link below)  The first picture is all of us sitting in a burnt out church in the middle of Qaraqosh, that was vandalized by ISIS, as I share the story of our Ministry here to the Persecuted Christians in the Nineveh Plains.

I have been asked to extend my stay here and, after talking it over with Deanna and the kids, have signed a contract extension to the end of November. Please continue to pray for them as I am physically absent, I sure miss giving hugs to my girls! …and boys! 

Thank you again for your prayers!

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