Urgent Prayer Needed for Iraq!

I am writing with mixed emotions as I recall the last 24hrs here in Iraq & Kurdistan.   Yesterday (Tuesday) was the first day I was able to return to Qaraqosh (Iraq) since before the Kurdistan referendum vote. I was able to see the town briefly but because I was part of a security tour we also traveled extensively across the Area of Responsibility. As we stopped in to visit with the leaders of the area to get a sense of the situation we also took advantage of the chance to see the Tigris River as well as visit the Ruins of the Old City of Nimrud (Calneh of Gen.10) where ISIS literally leveled the place along with a whole Ziggurat. (see pics)

When we returned to Qaraqosh that afternoon, we were very honored to have been included in the ceremony at the Sports Plex to welcome home the Qaraqosh Volleyball team as they arrived from Baghdad after winning the Iraqi National Volleyball Championship! I even got to help hang some of the banners on the necks of the champions!

However, today we are getting reports that Iraqi Forces are engaged in some battles with Peshmurga (Kurdish) and the road to Qaraqosh has now been closed (trench dug across the road). So wherever people are now is where they will be staying for a while.

Mwafaq and his wife and 2 boys happened to be here in Erbil. However, Revan is in Qaraqosh as is Mwafaq’s extended family… please be praying for all the families of Qaraqosh as they are right on the frontline of the Iraq/Kurdistan disputed border. We don’t have any idea how long this will be lasting or what extent the fighting will be but please pray for HIS peace to reign over this war torn land… this is the last thing the people of this area need right now! The Enemy is about to kick these people just as they are trying to get up from the last blow they took.

Thank you so much for your prayers… they are a huge weapon in the spiritual battle for this land!

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