Back in Iraq

Hello and Thank you to all who sent Birthday Greetings!  I was able to have a wonderful video chat this morning with Deanna and the kids! I have missed them very much during these 5 months that I have been here in Iraq. However, God has been very good to all of us by sustaining us with His power, grace and love. It energized me to see and hear them all laughing together! God has blessed our family greatly!

I know it has been a while since I last wrote. Since then, there has been lots of unrest between Kurdistan and Iraq. We were relocated for a time to a safe place and just returned last week. I have been very blessed to have a couple of awesome national staff looking after the program while I was away (Mwafaq and Revan).

In the midst of the political unrest and military chaos that is all around, these 2 men were unwavering in their pursuit to show the Love of Christ to their community.

We are now beginning to ramp the program up after having tested it out during these past few months of stops and starts (almost whiplash like) while the Referendum was approaching and then took place. We have been easing into it a bit just taking a few homes at a time since we were unsure how it would all play out and only having Mwafaq and myself for the majority of the time. Up to this point we have 26 completed homes with 16 currently in progress that will complete on the 22nd, bringing the total to 42. I am hoping to report a major jump in those numbers by the next time I write to you!

The Enemy will also be continuing to work hard against us, as usual! So we thank you very much for your prayers during these next few weeks as we really dig in!

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