About Us

Thank you for visiting our site! We’d like to take a little space to tell you a bit about ourselves… Fred and his wife Deanna along with their 4 children have spent 2 years as Missionaries in Papua New Guinea and recently Fred has been working with other organizations in:

  • Iraq : as the battle for Mosul was nearing it’s end, Fred was tasked with setting up a reconstruction program for Persecuted Christians homes that were damaged by ISIS (July ’17-Dec ’17)
  • Puerto Rico : after Hurricane Maria Damaged the island he was asked to set up a program there to rebuild Churches (March ’18 – July ’18)
  • Dominica : helped to establish the Church rebuild program there as well (July ’18 – Sept ’18)
  • Various disaster responses : 
    • Puerto Rico Assessment team (Jan ’18)
    • Ottawa Tornado cleanup (Sept ’18)
    • Saipan Typhoon (Nov ’18 – Dec ’18)

While serving in Iraq, Fred felt God calling us to set up a ministry.  In early 2018 God quickly laid the path in front of us and provided the funds to start our own ministry, M.A.D. Ministries (Making A Difference) through The Great Commission Foundation.  As we continue to partner with great organizations and look for opportunities to step out in other ways, we are excited to see how God will use this ministry.  We believe God has called Fred to use his project management skills along with our relationship building skills to impact those in need with physical and more importantly, spiritual help.  

One thing is certain, we are committed to Assisting those in need in Jesus’ name and sharing the love of Christ at every opportunity!  

This is a place that we have set up to document our experiences to share with those that are interested.